plass.1: add an example of `plass edit'

tweak plass.1

remove handling of PLASS_GOT environment variable There's no real reason to have this variable, there's only one `got' usually and people are better off putting it somewhere in $PATH. Retain PLASS_GPG as there seem to be a little issue with gpg vs gpg2 so the knob may be useful in practice.


bump copyright

add `edit' subcommand to interactively modify an entry It's more or less equivalent to $ cd /tmp $ umask 077 $ plass cat entry > tempfile $ $EDITOR tempfile $ plass tee entry < tempfile $ rm tempfile but way easier. It's also safer because it creates an unique randomly named file set up with correct permissions. Suggested by heph, thanks!

make `plass find' case-insensitive This does not affect `plass cat', `plass tee' etc, only the `find' sub-command. Discussed with heph.

small tweak to the manpage

fix some typo in the manpage


remove pass(1) from SEE ALSO Hinting at pass(1) doesn't help with the understanding of how plass works. The hint in EXAMPLES and the HISTORY section are enough.

add missing dot at the end of the sentence

add example: ksh completions for plass(1)

plass: remove the `gen' sub-command; now there is pwg(1)

update the `plass tee' documentation