sync manpage

document use-tls

document the new proxy stuff

document the `proxy relay-to' rule

explain config-less mode

Implement OCSP stapling support Currently dogfooding this patch at To test, run the following command and look for the "OCSP response" header: openssl s_client -connect "" -status

two -n to dump the parsed configuration This adds a barebone dumping of the parsed configuration. It is not complete, but I'm interested in dumping the full path to `cert' and `key' in order to write some scripts that can inspect the configuration, extract the certificates and renew them when expired automatically. It's not easy to parse gmid configuration otherwise because the syntax is flexible and users can use macros. Instead, the idea is to run gmid and let it dump the configuration once it's been parsed in a static and predictable format. Now is possible to parse gmid configuration with, say, awk or perl.

split the cert generation example on multiple lines

tag 1.7.3 bump version number

keep the openssl key generation example under 80 columns

gmid.1: some spelling, grammar and crosslinks

gmid.1: provide certificate generation example

gmid.1: document logging

use \e instead of \\ as a mean to escape \ Just read in a mail from Ingo to tech@ > Using \\ outside macro definitions (i.e., outside the bodies of roff(7) > .de and similar requests) is almost always wrong even in low-level roff > code, and \\ must never be used in manual pages.

tag v1.7.1 This version includes two bugfixes: - use ${MAKE} to recursively call make - fix the misleading example in the man page: macros name may not be reserved words Both bugs found and fixed by Anna “CyberTailor”, thanks!