drop AMUSED_VERSION and the undocumented -V flag

hide the implicit `status' under -v for play/toggle/restart/next/prev cmd

tweak comment about re/repeat, it's not unique anymore

sort commands

document repeat

show repeat one/all status in `amused status' output

add (and handle) cmd `repeat'

handle eof wrt repeat_one

update the heuristic: try to keep `current_song', not play_off

keep current song in a dedicated variable playlist.songs[play_off] is not a good representation for the current playing song after all. After a `load' command, or a flush request, the play_off changes but we're still playing the "old" song. This saves the current song in a dedicated variable that's updated upon playlist_advance and playlist_previous, thus givin a more accurate view.

add a heuristic to try to keep the current song after a `load'

mention -p in show usage

don't log when we abort the decoding

don't die on opus failures

simplify further the code