add make dist while here also add a license and mention the copyright on Makefile. It's now very different from the mandoc-portable one, but that was the base for this one (including how to `make dist').

add an install-local target copies the binary to ~/bin


move LDFLAGS after the objects; linking fails on alpine otherwise

switch to kristaps@' oconfigure It's a bit ugly to depend _only_ on the OpenBSD make infrastructure; it's better when things are portable! Making mymenu-portable would be more effort than what it's worth it, so just make the main version portable (again). kristaps@' oconfigure (used also by mandoc-portable and mymenu) is a lightweight configure system that's really nice to use. see GitHub issue #1

rework the build system and bump version let's use OpenBSD' and

removed -std=c89 don't pretend this is C89, this is C99. We use stdint and other stuff. This also remove A LOT of warnings etc...

Add -std=c89

Switched to __OpenBSD__ instead of HAVE_PLEDGE

pledge added! :tada: closing #2

Updated makefile and readme

added mdoc -> markdown translation for web interfaces

Updated makefile and readme