CHANGES for 0.100

sync dist file list

gotadmin sits in section 1, not 8

make got.1 point out all the companion tools for easy discovery by new users

reintroduce the 'got init' command as an alternative to 'gotadmin init' New users trying out Got for the first time have reported trouble with finding a way to create a new repository, based on their assumption that Got works like Git which provides a 'git init' command. It doesn't cost us much effort to keep this command available in both programs to make discovery a bit easier for new users coming from Git.

fix pack file transfers which do not use sidebands Found while running 'got clone' against a git9 server, after an unrelated issue was reported by Lucas on IRC, thanks! ok op@

plug 'got diff obj1 obj2' line metadata memory leak Despite API callers not requesting it, we collect line metadata due to NULL pointer checks missing a level of indirection. Reported by Kyle Ackerman. ok op and stsp

plug a leak in a few cmds: forgot to free(cwd) at the end spotted while investigating for another leak spotted by Kyle Ackerman. ok stsp@ and jamsek

gotwebd: avoid unnecessary strcmp in gotweb_assign_querystring()

gotwebd: lower the level of the qs ptr-to-ptr

gotwebd: remove previd and prevset query string parameter They're no longer used.

gotwebd: delete dead code at this point we can't know if the client has disconnected, we just finished parsing the fcgi parameters and started handling the reply. We'll know whether the client disconnected only later, while trying to send the page content.

gotwebd: use the last matching fastcgi parameter in case of multiple parameters with the same name, use the last matching one.

fix confusing error message from 'got commit' upon uncommitable paths

got{web,}d: handle multiple -v only fatal*() and log_warn*() are now logged by default. log_info() is hidden behind a -v and log_debug behind -vv. Makes gotd and gotwebd way less chatty. ok stsp@