prepare release 2.0

add release date

update contrib after Dockerfile changes

contrib/Dockerfile: fix the build and improve the usage Install a sample config, include a self-signed cert and setup a local user and chroot.

fix missing listen on warning printed the wrong value for the hostname

configure: add --sysconfdir / $SYSCONFDIR handling so that we don't have to hardcode /etc in gmid.c. Helps on systems like FreeBSD where the non-base programs are expected to look for their config in /usr/local/etc.

install titan too while here, sort the binaries and the manpages by section and name.

other misc tweaks for the site

tweak 2.0 changelog

update/fix description of the subprocess and what they do

better phrasing

fix the dependencies libtls is for now bundled

remove the warning; 2.0 is almost here

gmid.conf.5: finish the sentence about fastcgi strip

fix release target; add verify-release