unfold a line

gotadmin load: don't add a newline when listing refs the newline is only needed after the progress output, which is not present in the 'listing refs' case.

add an initial implementation of gotadmin load it is intended to be the counterpart of `gotadmin dump' and, just like it, there's planned support for handling fast-import stream. At the moment it only deals with git bundles. ok stsp

plug leak in got_fetch_pack error path set err and goto done instead of an early return that leaks various things. ok jrick

remove documentation of Got commands which cvg will not implement

remove the cvg ref command; we do not expect that users will need it ok jrick

fix makefile after .c rename

adjust the early intro section of cvg.1

rename cvg/got.c to cvg.c

Exclude cvg from release builds

Remove unused functions from cvg

Begin cvg

Copy got to cvg

make gitwrapper ignore 'permission denied' for repository paths We recommend that gotsh users should not have direct filesystem access to repositories served by gotd. Which means admins will be setting things up as follows if public read-access should be denied: chown _gotd /git chmod 700 /git su -m _gotd -c 'gotadmin init /git/repo.git" However, gitwrapper would error out when repositories listed in gotd.conf were inaccessible to the user invoking gitwrapper: git-upload-pack: /etc/gotd.conf:2: realpath /git/repo.git: Permission denied Make gitwrapper ignore such errors as they are expected in this situation. While here, add a PROC_GITWRAPPER process ID for use as a global variable parse.y can check while special-casing any specific behaviour required by gitwrapper. (The worse alternative would have been adding a new global variable to parse.y just to control the behaviour on realpath errors.) ok op@