got.1: escape Eq since it's a GNU roff macro `.Op Fl Eq' gets rendered as [-] with groff because Eq it's a macro. Escape it to get it rendered correctly. Discussed with bentley. Reported by casaca on the IRC channel, thanks!

initial documentation for the got-notify-http json payload committing on behalf of op@, ok by me

got-notify-http: fix threshold for reading the tag message

got-notify-http: parse diffstat; adjust tag/commit

add test_tag_changed() for got-notify-http at the moment it is indistinguishable from the created tag.

got-notify-http: handle new tags

remove trailing whitespaces

got-notify-http: handle branch removals add a testcase add test_branch_created(). at the moment this is not different from a "normal" commit notification but it'll change in the future and it's handy to have it for an upcoming branch removed notification.

got-notify-http: add a type:commit field in the json will help to differentiate these notification objects from the others.

small man page fix, spotted by op@

make 'got status' display interrupted rebase, histedit, and merge operations When an operation is interrupted add a trailing message to status output which displays the operation and branches involved. This information will be useful when diagnosing problem reports and it helps new users with contextualizing multi-operation work tree state. ok op@

man nits; found with mandoc -Tlint

forgot to unveil the log message file passed to got commit -F found by op's regress builder

initialize and tidy up *branch_ref in got_worktree_histedit_continue()