proposal: show custom message when the capsule is not reachable As discussed in the mailing list, this is a quick draft for a (imho) neat functionality: if there's an error connecting to a capsule, try to do a TXT query at _offline.$hostname (this is subject to change) and show the message to the user. It's a nice way to communicate to the user that a certain capsule is, for example, supposed to be offline in certain situations.

sync changelog

fix patch syntax highlighting wrt multiple headers

sort includes

spend a few more words describing on how the safe mode works

ignore the crashed file if in safe_mode During safe_mode the fs process shouldn't open or unlink the crashed_file.

propagate the safe_mode to the children

don't acquire the file lock in safe_mode

mention -C in usage()


add a safe/sandbox mode When enabled with the -S (or --safe) flag, prevent telescope from writing files to the disk.


reset download byte counter


[openbsd] allow creation of files in ~/Downloads