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SMARC -- static web mail archive generator

A collection of scripts to generate a static mail archive from a
Maildir; originally intended to provide a public web interface for the
Game of Trees mailing list, now flexible enough to be used for other

The static site generator depends on perl and mblaze, the web search
component on libevent and sqlite3.

How it works

smarc(1) incrementally generate a set of static files from a maildir,
smingest(1) and msearchd(8) are used to populate an sqlite3 database to
provide a web-based full text search on all the mails.

smarc(7) documents the step needed for a first setup, how to operate
it and tips for generating multiple archives.


smarc, smingest and msearchd are released in the public domain.  The
configure script loosely based on oconfigure and is released under the
terms of ISC license.  Some OpenBSD-compats are included to build on
multiple platforms, these are released under a BSD-style license.
See the first lines of each file for the copyright owners.