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 _______         __
|_     _|.-----.|  |.-----.-----.----.-----.-----.-----.
  |   |  |  -__||  ||  -__|__ --|  __|  _  |  _  |  -__|
  |___|  |_____||__||_____|_____|____|_____|   __|_____|

Telescope is a w3m-like browser for Gemini.  It was written on a whim,
just to play with ncurses, libtls, libevent and the macros from
`sys/queue.h`, but I'd like to finish it into a featureful Gemini

At the moment, telescope is something **a bit more than a working
demo**.  However, it has already some interesting features, like tabs,
privsep, input from the minibuffer.

There are still various things missing or, if you prefer, various
things that you can help develop :)

 - UTF8 handling: we need to handle non-ASCII correctly in pages and
   in the minibuffer input
 - bookmarks
 - subscriptions
 - tofu
 - client certificates
 - add other GUI: atm we use only ncurses, but telescope shouldn't be
   restricted to TTYs only!
 - configuration file: even proposals are accepted.  I need a way to
   define bindings, colors etc in a way that will possibly work on
   more than one graphic libraries.

## Building

Telescope depends on ncursesw, libtls (from either LibreSSL or
libretls), libevent (either v1 or v2).

To build a release tarball just execute:

	sudo make install

If you want to build from the git checkout, something that's
discouraged for users who don't intend to hack on telescope

	sudo make install	# eventually

Please keep in mind that the main branch, from time to time, may be
accidentally broken on some platforms.  Telescope is developed
primarily on OpenBSD/amd64 and commits on the main branch don't get
always tested in other OSes.  Before tagging a release however, a
comprehensive testing on various platform is done to ensure everything
is working as intended.

## License

Telescope is distributed under a BSD-style licence.  The main code is
under the ISC but some files under `compat/` are BSD2 or BSD3.