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GOTMARC -- because $POPULAR_ARCHIVE hates us!

A collection of scripts to generate a static mail archive from a
Maildir; intended to provide a public web interface for the Game of
Trees mailing list.

The dependencies are:

 - mblaze
 - imagemagick (to resize the got logo)

How it works

The makefile use mlist(1) to gather all the mail of the mailing list,
mthread(1) to arrange them in threads and mscan(1) to parse them.

Then, two custom scripts are called in the same pipeline:

 - mexp: creates a separate HTML page for each mail, as well as the
   raw message/body parts and the attachments.  it's the heaviest part
   of the pipeline.

 - mkindex: generates the index and threads page.


	$ make MDIR=/path/to/got/maildir

will create and populate a `www' directory with the HTML files.  Pass
OUTDIR to override the destination directory.

For use with httpd' `gzip-static' (or similar)

	$ make gzip

will recursively compress every file in OUTDIR, leaving the original
file intact.