remove useless echo

myterm: pass extra arguments to xterm

a bit of colour for my xterms


add a few aliases (a=amused and the tcl man page)

set VISUAL in mup for obvious reasons

sync mg.lp

i'm using sndiokeys now, so no need to have those keys taken by cwm anymore

diffstat: fix parsing of deleted files don't remember why the `file == ""` clausole was added. file is set by switchfile() and never reset until the end, so depending on the order deleted files may not be showed in the summary (but their line still being counted for the `total')

move tab-always-indent closer to other minibuffer stuff

group completion settings

use RET instead of M-RET to choose the completion in region

adjust plass.el path

use hard tabs for tcl too

use ".orig.port" as file extension in mgdiff()