remove dead code

update mac CI target to sonoma

fix `log access path' with chroot We should open the log file inside the chroot; missed in 4acf495f41d2c26136e99072293ca8b9bff91dc0. See

revert 9f1cce3d0e53209180eabbcd48878c1e989101e7 we actually should open the log file in the chroot, the bug is in the code.

fix log access doc: path is not relative to the chroot Reported by Colin Henein, thanks! See

add a note regarding the usage of the bundled libtls See

sync changelog

contrib/vim: fix indent

rename the @common_opt macro back to @common now common is no longer a reserved keyword

turn log styles into strings from yacc point of view having styles as reserved keywords means that variables / macros can't be called `common', `condensed', etc... which is not great and not obvious either. Instead, let's keep the log styles as strings and match on them. This also allows to have a slightly better error message in case of a typo. See:

remove stray space

tweak and update freebsd task

rework the grammar so that ; is accepted after variables and options See Codeberg issue #1.

add a test that uses @-style macros See Codeberg issue #1.

change the default PUBKEY for the verify-release target doesn't play well with minor releases such as 2.0.1 since for them I reuse the 2.0 key.