avoid issuing unnecessary `got add' plass always did a `got add $file' before committing changes. However, this leads to a possibly misleading "file has unexpected status" error being printed to stderr. Instead, `got add $file' only when the file is new.

refactor cmd_edit Now it always deletes the temporary file.

plass tee: set binmode to avoid mangling binary data

refactor cmd_tee: simplify the code inline (with tweaks) writepass, it's redundant to have. While here also read/write blockwise instead that of linewise.

remove handling of PLASS_GOT environment variable There's no real reason to have this variable, there's only one `got' usually and people are better off putting it somewhere in $PATH. Retain PLASS_GPG as there seem to be a little issue with gpg vs gpg2 so the knob may be useful in practice.

bump copyright

plass edit: delete the temp file File::Temp lied. it says UNLINK defaults to true but the files were still in my /tmp. Quick workaround, needs something better that takes care also of cleaning up on die().

add `edit' subcommand to interactively modify an entry It's more or less equivalent to $ cd /tmp $ umask 077 $ plass cat entry > tempfile $ $EDITOR tempfile $ plass tee entry < tempfile $ rm tempfile but way easier. It's also safer because it creates an unique randomly named file set up with correct permissions. Suggested by heph, thanks!

make `plass find' case-insensitive This does not affect `plass cat', `plass tee' etc, only the `find' sub-command. Discussed with heph.

plass: remove the `gen' sub-command; now there is pwg(1)

use /dev/urandom instead of /dev/random From urandom(4) on OpenBSD For portability reasons, never use /dev/random. On OpenBSD, it is an alias for /dev/urandom, but on many other systems misbehaves by blocking because their random number generators lack a robust boot-time initialization sequence.

check pattern after stripping store path and extension now `plass find ^keys' will correctly list only entries that starts with "keys"

slightly better error message for no input in `plass tee'

plass tee: fix multiple line handling, commit message string previously, `plass tee' was limited to only one line; now it's unlimited. While here, fix the commit message too: checking the existence of the file after creating/overwriting it is stupid.

retire `got' and `tog' subcmd they're just a glorified `cd'