typo in flags handling the -S (highlighted completion background) was saved as -s (highlighted completion foreground color)

-1 on x and y to prevent other windows to grab the focus With the new mx/my I noticed that sometimes the window behind mymenu re-grab the keybard. Making sure that the mouse is inside the window seems to work.

Clicking on the prompt closes mymenu added this behaviour and documentation

fmt (again) I'm playing a bit with clang-format(1). Not happy with the result yet, but some section are now legible, before were a mess 'cause it folded every line

mx & my to mouse-align mymenu Added the mx and my "special" values for MyMenu.x and MyMenu.y resources. These special values makes mymenu spawn under the mouse, like a contestual menu.

corrected comment

removed debugging printf(3) instruction

Improved mouse support Clicking with Button1 select the item, Button3 is like C-m. Mentioned in the manpage also the undocumented scroll function. Mentioned the caveat that clicking past the last item is equivalent to clicking the last item.

removed check_allocation macro and possibly fixed a bug 1. remove the check_allocation macro (it was replaced with the idiom if ((x = ...) == NULL) err(1, "fn"); using the err(3) function instead of custom error-reporting. 2. added a break that was missing in the args parse

improved command example that grep | sed can be reduced to a single sed

added center as synonym of middle

removed -std=c89 don't pretend this is C89, this is C99. We use stdint and other stuff. This also remove A LOT of warnings etc...


Added a couple of scripts

Use the correct color as background_pixel