add the ``entrypoint'' option

restart the daemon instead of kill+start this way we can also test the reload capability!

swap check in vhost_* fns it's faster (statistically speaking) to first compute if the option is set and then fnmatch than the inverse. This way we can avoid unnecessary fnmatch.

added ``block return'' and ``strip'' options

fix auto index precedence

make sure @ is allowed, and rephrase another test

ensure CGI stdout it's blocking

[iri] accept also : and @ again, to be RFC3986 compliant.

don't %-decode the query

alter the string, don't advance pointer if we advance the pointer, we crash during reload due to an invalid address given to free. altering the string is the way.

missing argument for LOGI

avoid race-condition what if we receive a SIGHUP right after unblock_signal (or during the whole block_signals...unblock_signals) but *before* the wait_sighup? Yeah.

improve manpage

add compat for setproctitle This adds a check for setproctitle and for the (linux) prctl PR_SET_NAME. If setproctitle is not available, on linux we provide an implementation that use prctl (taken from tmux compat layer.)

mention configuration reload