add a LICENSE file

improve a bit the readme

add a test for the new :join-lines option

gemtext: add :join-lines to parse-string too

gemtext: Allow joining lines when meaningful.

fix for asdf:test-system see github issue #8


fix ui after api change see #7

gemini: Add with-gemini-request macro. This also includes a minor refactoring of the code to be less duplicative and rely on multiple values instead of list return values.

add some verbatim-related tests

handle non-closed verbatim blocks and nil-ify empty labels The idea behind the ``` marker is to toggle the preformatted bit on and off, so it's not strictly speaking a "verbatim block", even if it's easier to manage it that way. However, don't throw generic errors like that, and handle EOF without a closing ``` marker. While here, if label is the empty string, use nil.

gemtext: Use accessors.

gemtext: Type link URLs as strictly quri:uri-s.

gemtext: Enrich gemtext classes definitions. This adds: - :type options. - :documentation options. - :accessor options. - Class predicates. Wherever applicable.