Last Change
Algol68 mode for Emacs
18 months ago
utility to manage acme(1) tags
6 months ago
minimalistic music player
3 weeks ago
brainfuck compiler
13 months ago
blog statically generated with clojure
15 months ago
new-new-new dotfiles thingy
2 months ago
variant of the Dvorak Programmer (dvp) layout for some european languages
2 years ago
a file manager
4 months ago
full text search experiments
3 months ago
Gemini proxy for the World Wide Web
7 weeks ago
teach clojure how to gemini
15 months ago
irc bot for #gemini-it
11 months ago
Simple and secure Gemini server
47 hours ago
A modern, performant 9P library for Go.
6 months ago
My "fork" of got; may contain WIP stuff and not be up-to-date.
3 days ago
9p file server daemon for UNIX
5 months ago
lazy ssh tunnel
5 months ago
a menu for xorg
11 months ago
Gemini client library and experimental GUI
16 months ago with patches
4 months ago
manage passwords
12 days ago
Unofficial portable version of OpenBSD' slowcgi(8)
7 months ago
static (web) mail archive generator
4 weeks ago
Simple snake implementation in fennel and love2d
5 months ago
Emacs major mode for sndio(8) interaction
19 months ago
key bindings manager
2 years ago
A Gemini Browser
5 months ago
test repo
4 months ago
text adventure
3 years ago
Emacs VC backend for Game of Trees
4 months ago
Manage OpenBSD' vmd virtual machines from Emacs.
2 years ago
manage virtual user across OpenSMTPd and Dovecot
2 years ago
xmpp client
20 months ago
Code for the series of blog posts about zip files
21 months ago
Omar Polo