Last Change
Algol68 mode for Emacs
14 months ago
utility to manage acme(1) tags
2 months ago
minimalistic music player
2 weeks ago
brainfuck compiler
9 months ago
blog statically generated with clojure
11 months ago
new-new-new dotfiles thingy
4 weeks ago
variant of the Dvorak Programmer (dvp) layout for some european languages
2 years ago
a file manager
6 hours ago
full text search experiments
10 months ago
Gemini proxy for the World Wide Web
4 weeks ago
teach clojure how to gemini
11 months ago
irc bot for #gemini-it
7 months ago
Simple and secure Gemini server
6 weeks ago
A modern, performant 9P library for Go.
2 months ago
My "fork" of got; may contain WIP stuff and not be up-to-date.
27 hours ago
web archive for the Game of Trees mailing list
4 months ago
9p file server daemon for UNIX
7 weeks ago
lazy ssh tunnel
5 weeks ago
a menu for xorg
7 months ago
Gemini client library and experimental GUI
12 months ago with patches
13 days ago
manage passwords
2 weeks ago
Unofficial portable version of OpenBSD' slowcgi(8)
3 months ago
Simple snake implementation in fennel and love2d
6 weeks ago
Emacs major mode for sndio(8) interaction
15 months ago
key bindings manager
2 years ago
A Gemini Browser
6 weeks ago
test repo
7 days ago
text adventure
2 years ago
Emacs VC backend for Game of Trees
10 days ago
Manage OpenBSD' vmd virtual machines from Emacs.
20 months ago
manage virtual user across OpenSMTPd and Dovecot
20 months ago
xmpp client
16 months ago
Code for the series of blog posts about zip files
17 months ago
Omar Polo